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About Inevitable Failure

Welcome to Inevitable Failure!
Where failure begins.

We are a semi-casual 10 man Alliance raiding guild. We formed at the end of Wrath of the Lich King when Blizzard announced that 10 man raiding would drop the same gear as 25 man raiding. In July 2013, we moved to US-Stormrage from US-Doomhammer. Alas, poor Doomhammer; we knew thee well.

We raid 10-1 Eastern/Stormrage time on Friday and Saturday nights. We are currently planning to add one healer with a solid DPS off-spec, one solid ranged DPS (a mage would be good), and a Tank with a DPS off-spec . Our intention is to have a 12 or 13 member raid team, we currently have exactly 10 raiders and if someone has another commitment we end up having to pug. With 12 or 13 raiders we could create a rotational schedule to keep everyone busy and happy.

Add Boldar#1747 if you have questions or are interested!.

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